Kyoritsu Keiki Co, Ltd. is the leading manufacturer in Japan and in
the world for the electrical equipment. The support for the ATS and DC
Contactor system in the many sector such as telecommunication and
Japan Railway have been applied since some decade ago.

DC Contactor have been developed by Kyoritsu since some decade
ago. It makes Kyoritsu DC Contactor to be the leading in the all
industrial sector in Japan.

1. DC Contactor from 10A-2000A and DC 20V-1000V

Some of type of DC Contactor:

GN 12-110VDC 30-250A

CM 12-72VDC 20-250A

CP 24-72VDC 230-300A

MDM 250-750VDC 25-400A

CR Latching DC contactor
      12-110VDC 30-600A

PT 250VDC 30A
PN 250VDC 80-300A

KG 250-750VDC 25A-1000A

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